DVD & Blu-ray Authoring, Short Run Disc Duplication

Longridge Video makes DVDs and Blu-ray discs. We can create complex DVD and Blu-ray projects that can include menus and chapter navigation, bonus features, multiple video tracks, 5.1 surround, and DTS audio. We also do simple disc authoring for people who just need their footage on a playable disc.

DVD Disc Copies in CD style Jewel Case

1-10 = $6.00 Each
11-25 = $5.50 Each
25-100 = $4.40 Each
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Blu-ray Disc Copies in CD style Jewel Case

1-25 = $8.00 Each
11-25 = $7.00 Each
25-100 = $6.50 Each
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DVD copies in amary style DVD box

1-25 = $10.00 Each
25-100 = $8.50 Each
100+ = $7.00 Each
Need a couple copies in a hurry?
No problem, quick turn-around, no job too small.
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Videotape Transfers & Conversions
Videotape transfers done right. Your footage is digitized onto a computer hard drive
then encoded into DVD and/or Blu-ray format with the optimal settings for sharpness and playback

$35 per hour of video footage converted to DVD, includes two (2) DVD master copies

$35 for up to 1 hour of HD video converted to Blu-ray, includes two (2) Blu-ray master copies

$25 per clip encoding for the web, includes uploading to your favorite site

We can convert miniDV tapes, VHS tapes, VHS-C tapes, 8mm tapes, Hi-8mm tapes, and Digital 8mm tapes

Contact Us today. Get it done fast, get it done right! info@longridgevideo.com (818) 995-3725