Compelling Videos Make a World of Difference
Engaging video productions increase your ROI and shortens the sales cycle by motivating your customers with the knowledge they need before they call.
Here's how we do it:
1. Consultation - meet to discuss your objectives and gather information on your company, products and services.

2. Proposal - provide an outline of your project with the production schedule, budget and terms.

3. Production - pre-production involves script development and approval, including visuals and voiceover, preparing the location, and rehearsals if required, followed by production day shooting.

4. Post Production - recording the voiceover, selecting license free music, creating graphics, optimizing images and editing to the approved script.

5. Completion - we post your video on-line for review and approval. On approval we optimize for website posting and/or author the DVD program for duplication.
From short form web movies and product demonstrations to corporate profiles and extended service and training programs, we develop your project with an understanding of the marketing process and technical production efficiencies.

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Samples of our work

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VEYEM’s promotional video for their product start-up campaign.
1 minute, 43 seconds.
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Studio City Optometry’s welcome video produced for their website and online promotion.
2 minutes.
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SpaceLift Products promotional demo.
1 minute, 52 seconds.
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The Pedal Palette product intro produced for Decibel 11.
8 minutes, 20 seconds.
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Desmond Mason.
An artist’s profile.
4 minutes, 52 seconds.
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Music video edit for “Summer Lover’s”.
Mixed by Doug Fenske
Management - Jamaal Buchanan (Buchanan Management and Consulting)
Executive Producer - Al Machera, Trak 3
3 minutes, 36 seconds.
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